Coloured Cloth Nappies

Check out our collection of coloured cloth nappies at great prices.

Pattern Cloth Nappies

Super cute cloth nappies with various patterns and designs.

Value Pack Nappies

Need more? Check out our cloth nappy value packs and save!


  • "Amazing service and great products"

    Thank you for the amazing service and great products. I will definitely be buying a lot more cloth nappies from here and recommending all my friends.

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  • "I was shocked at how quickly they arrived"

    I just purchased a 10 pack of Babyland Cloth Nappies from Happy Nappy and could not be happier. I was shocked at how quickly they arrived.

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  • "Best place to buy cloth nappies"

    Happy Nappy is the best place to buy cloth nappies. I purchased my first nappy about 6 months ago and have since then bought a few more. Thank you!

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